General questions

How do Gleam giveaways work?
Gleam giveaway could be accessed by "Giveaway" button on the top of the page. Users who complete tasks described in the giveaway receive giveaway entries for that. Each entry increases your probability to succeed in the giveaway - collect as many entries as you can to maximise your probability of getting best skins!
I have filled up the balance but money didn’t get transferred to my profile. What should I do?
I can't sell an item because pop-up dialog box is blocked on this tab!
Close tab and visit the page again. If that doesn't solve the issue, clear the browser's history.
Interval giveaways have their own timer (1 day, 1 week, 1 month), users having Premium status subscription join those giveaways automatically. One player to receive the prize is determined randomly when the countdown ends.
Before buying Cases
Be sure to check if you are able to trade on Steam, otherwise our robot will not be able to send you your items. Open your inventory, make sure there is no trade ban and it is at least 7 days after the password had been changed.
Protect yourself from scams
I have bought a case, how can I withdraw my item?
Go to your profile and click the "Send" button on the item of your interest, once the trade offer is ready click "Get" button which will redirect you directly to the trade on Steam.
There is a "Temporarily Unavailable" note on the case, why?
The case/collection becomes unavailable if it does not contain all the items that are listed in it. This was preformed to provide clear randomness. Bots are monitoring the trade platform and purchase the missing items all the time.
Withdraw available after balance refill!
What are partner promocode restrictions?
Your partnership promocodes should contain 3 to 10 symbols (latin letters, numbers) with at least one letter in it. It also shouldn't contain unallowed words: "admin", "mod", "moderator" and any filthy language.
What are Farm cases?
Farm cases are cases designed for a large amount of purchases. For each one you either receive a cheap skin or a rare and expensive one. To use it select the amount of cases to buy on the top (you are able to purchase 25, 50, 100 or 150 cases at once) and click "Buy" or press Enter. Cheap skins are sold automatically (total cost is returned to your balance), rare skins could be sold, upgraded or withdrawn.
What a multicase is?
Multicase is a type of case in which your skins received only depend on you. It consists of some cells opened one by one when you click them, revealing one of the case's skins. There are 3 modes:
  • Single - you can reveal one cell receiving one skin and see what other cells contained;
  • Multiple - you can reveal as much cells as you want receiving a skin for each cell clicked;
  • Random - reveal one random cell.

Be the master of your drop!

I have bought a case, how can I withdraw my item?
Go to your profile and click the "Send" button on the item of your interest, once the trade offer is ready click "Get" button which will redirect you directly to the trade on Steam.
Collecting tokens
During the event you will get tokens by simply buying some of our cases. The token's drop probability is different for each case and is shown on "case contains" section. These cases are marked with event icon next to them.
Wheel of Fortune
Reward wheel is a limited feature available during some events that allows you to use tokens and receive valuable skins. Compete against other players and get the coolest stuff!
Event Rewards
Event Rewards is a feature giving players various prizes (event tokens, balance, skins, cases) for refilling their balance for certain amount during the event. You can see example rewards by hovering over reward treasures.
Event Store
This page contains a store section with prizes you can purchase using tokens you've collected. It includes bonus balance, our regular cases, premium status time, top tier PC games and skins you're able to withdraw instantly!
Event page also contains leaderboard showing the list of most successful token collectors. Top players will receive free tokens.

Chinese FAQ

WeChat payments.
How do I sign in through Steam if I am from China?


How to cancel the Premium subscription?
Please refer to our Subscription Policy.
How much does the Premium subscription cost?
Premium subscription costs $5, $10 or $25 depending on the premium plan and is billed monthly.

Case Battle

What are case battles?
Case battle is a game where multiple players buy the same cases and the one with the highest total cost receives all skins.
How to join an existing case battle?
How can I invite someone to join the case battle?
You can use the invite link to do that. You can find the link in the top left corner of case battle's (the one you want to invite someone to) page. Send this link to your friend, he'll join the battle by following the link.
How many players can participate in a case battle?
Case battles are designed for 2-4 players.
How many rounds does case battle last?
The amount of rounds in a case battle is not limited and is equal to amount of cases each player will buy.
How to create a case battle?
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